Miramar MedReview, Inc.
Miramar MedReview, Inc. is committed to providing you and
your organization Comprehensive Medical Bill Review, Lien
Resolution Services and an Expert Bill Review Witness at
Lien Conference and Trial.  We specialize in the Workers'
Compensation Industry.
Karen S. Gonzales
I have over 20 years
experience in the Workers'
Compensation Industry.  I
have extensive knowledge
in Medical Bill Review and
Claims Administration.

I look forward to working
with you in solving your
business needs.
Contact us:
Tel. 949.494.9227
Cell 949.678.0859
Fax 949.494.9286
Our Services:
Comprehensive Bill Review
Strategic Lien Report
Lien Negotiation / Settlement
Expert Bill Review Witness for Lien Conference or Trial
Miramar MedReview, Inc.
About Us
Information Needed:

  • Medical Bills
  • Case settlement information (if available)
  • Reports (if available)
  • Notice of Hearing
If you are inquiring about availability for a Bill Review Expert
Witness at the WCAB, you can view the calendar at :

*  We can use existing EOR's / EOB's or re-review the bills
and prepare exhibits as necessary.